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How to use Speed Post Tracking - India Post Tracking? All answers.

Speed Post Tracking is the service initiated by India Post in order to track and monitor a  Speed Post shipment at any time. Through India Post Tracking, the sender or the recipient gets to keep their eye on a shipment transmitted via Indian Post Office network and to know the current status by simply entering India Post Tracking Number. Indian Speed Post Tracking or Registered Post Tracking service are being updated in the database every 2-3 hours after a shipping event actually takes place.
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How to use Speed Post Tracking with India Post Tracking Number?

Through Speed Post Tracking anybody with India Post Tracking Number in hand can do the tracking of the shipment online from a computer or mobile phone. While booking a Speed Post in any Indian Post office with the service, you will get a receipt with a 13 digits alphanumeric Speed Post Tracking number (it looks like ‘E#*********IN’).

You need to visit India Post Tracking or official India post website and type in India post tracking number in the given search box then press 'TRACK'.  It will fetch the present status of the article (Speed Post or Registered post or any other shipment).

Steps are given below:

  • STEP 1 - Go to India Post Tracking homepage or Official Website of India Post. 
  • STEP 2 - Enter your exact “Tracking Number” in the search box, and press 'TRACK'.
  • STEP 3 - Tracking Detail will be displayed with date and time.
Note: You will be able to copy the data or share it with anyone you wish to, easily.

India Post Tracking Number Formats.

India Post Tracking Number have normally 13 digits including a two letter prefix and two letter suffix and 9 numerals. But in case of Money Order tracking number contains 18 numerals without any prefix or suffix. 

Please check the below table for better understanding.

India Post Number Format

What can be tracked with India Post Tracking Service?

All the below category shipments can be tracked with India Post Tracking service:
  • Speed Post Tracking
  • Registered Letter Tracking
  • Insured Letter 
  • Value Payable Letter 
  • Insured Value Payable Letter
  • Registered Packets 
  • Registered Periodicals 
  • Registered Parcel
  • Insured Parcel 
  • Value Payable Parcel 
  • Insured Value Payable Parcel 
  • Business Parcel
  • Business Parcel COD 
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Parcel COD
  • Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
  • International EMS Tracking
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
The chart below better explains the segments of India Post services provided by India Post. You will be able to track any of these shipments online, provided you have the tracking number.
India Post Services Chart
India Post-All shipment types
Toll Free Number

How India Post Tracking works?

Weather its Speed Post Tracking or any other modes of India Post Tracking; the system is updated in a fixed interval, say 2-3 hrs after the even happened actually. It helps you to get the most recent information available about the status and current location of the item. It provides the following information:
  • Booking time of a shipment.
  • Time of dispatch and arrival in each location during the shipping process.
  • Delivery time update and notification. 
  • Notification of notice issuance to inform the recipient about the readiness of the item for delivery.
Please check this video to get an overview of India Post Mail Operations.

What if India Post tracking information is not available for an item?

If “NOT FOUND” is the message you get when you run the tracking request when running a tracking request in India Post Tracking, it doesn’t always mean that the item is missing or not shipped.

As said earlier, there could be a delay in collecting the event data. Tracking information can be unavailable immediately after you mailed the item, depending upon the location (mostly happens in rural areas) where the shipping event takes place, or if the data is handled by external postal admins.

Your tracking info was not found, Possible reasons:

  • The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
  • The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.
  • Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
  • Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier's system.
Tracking Not Found Window
Still, there shall be more reasons which are not listed above.

How often Speed Post Tracking is updated; real-time or delayed?

India Post Tracking isn't refreshed at real-time. However, the right information of every shipment event is recorded in the system and is pinged to the focal database server by the shift’s end or more than once in between the shifts. The information is sent to the server 8-10 times each day.

Some sources have reported that India Post real-time data management is under progress. The software to keep in contact with the server regularly and collect data is under development. The concern is of missing data, to avoid missing any shipment event info from the total tracking log.

The authority of this process is a government body and the bill payment of internet connections may get a bit complicated; hence, the chance of data unable to reach the server still prevails and it may create a missing of information in the India Post Tracking Log of the package.

For example, in the case of an inter-city shipment of an item, the tracking information will be available when the request is given, but the shipment log will not have appeared correctly.

Another concern to point out here is the skill of India Post staff, to handle or deploy the data which you search for, as they are not much tech experts, unlike some international courier companies.

India Post Tracking can be made via SMS?

India Post SMS Tracking Format
YES. Speed post, Registered Post or any other India Post Tracking can be done through SMS. In order to track the Air Way Bill No: EW999999999IN, the SMS format is as follows:

"POST TRACK EW999999999IN" (without quotation) - Send to 51969 or 166
All mobile operators in the country provide this service.
Charges may apply as per the service provider terms and conditions.

Speed Post collection directly from Post office using India Post Tracking Number

Other than passport sent by the passport department, all Speed Post articles can be collected from the recipient post office. 

You must produce an ID with Photo and address. India Post accepts Aadhar Card, Driving License, and Passport etc. for this purpose.

What is the working timing of Indian Post Office?

The working timing for India Post varies for different categories of post offices.  Below are the timings of each level of post offices.

Indian Post Office Timings:

Head Post office    : 09:00 am - 04:00 pm
Sub Post office      : 09:00 am - 02:00 pm
Branch Post office : 09:30 am - 12:30 pm

Further, for sending Speed Post, Railway Mail Service (RMS) can be approached 24 x 7.

Is it possible to cancel an India Post Shipment?

India Post Cancellation or Recall Options
If you think logically, canceling a shipment is practically impossible.

But, if you are a sender, you will be able to recall the shipment during the process of mail transmission until it stays undelivered to the addressee, provided, not confiscated or seized or destroyed by the laws of any country in which the article may be at present. India Post calls it ‘recall of article’.

You have to approach the postmaster with the issued receipt. India Post will charge Rs. 6 for inland letter and Rs. 30 for a foreign letter.

Speed Post & Registered Post, differences in India Post.

Registered post is an older form of India Post and Speed post service was established in 1986 as a premium service. Differences of the both are given below.
Difference Between Speed Post and Registered Post
Previously Registered Post Tracking facility was not available in India Post. Now, Speed post tracking and Registered post tracking are available.

In short,
Speed Post is for transmitting Urgent Articles.
Registered Post is for Important or Confidential articles.

Advantages of India Post Shipment

Listed below are some of the advantages of India Post shipment compared to other courier services in India. 

1. Speedy delivery of goods and packages through Speed Post Services.
2. The addressee can receive the parcels at the doorstep. He can avoid going to the collection centers for the shipment.
3. When quality is less or small, India Post can use convenient transportation mode.
4. Presence of Indian Post Offices in almost all locations, which helps easy dispatching of the shipment.
5. VPP Parcel enables India Post sender to realize the due amount from the consignee through Indian Post Office.
6. India Post Tracking/Speed Post Tracking is easy and accurate.

Disadvantages of India Post Shipment

1. The high expense for parcel post, if the quantity is large.
2. Parcel post limits the weight to the 20kg max, and dimension is 1 Meter max.
3. A moderately high expense for Speed post.
4. Speed post is not available in all post offices.

How reliable is International Speed Post? International Speed Post Tracking available?

Speed Post Visual Logo Unofficial
International Speed Post service by India post is a highly reliable and most economical service for sending articles abroad. Whether it is US, Europe, Africa, Asia or any continent the articles can be booked and get delivered easily in expected time, provided the article is not restricted by the customs.

In International Speed Post, articles are categorized as First Class giving it a privilege of fastest transmission without extra charges. India post provides the facility for ensuring the mail, and those articles are given at most care while transmission.

Further, the package of the content shall comply with the destination and source country standards like addressing format; envelop safety, measurements, custom declaration forms etc.

International Speed Post Tracking also is available in India Post Tracking.

How much time does a speed post from India take to reach the USA?

India Post will take 4-7 working days to deliver the article to the USA through Speed Post, apart from the time for customs clearance which may vary from 1-4 days. In total, the article is expected to be delivered in 6 to 11 working days.

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  1. The track shipment option helps us to know the exact co-ordinates of the package and the whereabouts of the shipment too.


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